2022 Christmas Wish List

November 18, 2022

As my daughter keeps reminding me, next week is Black Friday, so this is as good a time as any to post my list. This year, I actually organized my list in descending order of wanting. So my most wanted gifts are at the top, moving on down.

1. An acceptance letter from AIRIE – I applied to many residencies/fellowships, and this is the one I want the most. Notifications are supposed to be sent this week, and I want mine to say YES.

2. Ticket to a Sunday @ 6 :30 p.m. show of The Lion King at the Hollywood Pantages theater – It is FINALLY touring again and FINALLY coming someplace I live, and I was unable to buy a ticket because I had to save my money, and I am BEREFT.

3. A pair of tap shoes from Duran’s Dance Shoes (~$215) – My tap shoes are fine but not great. Duran’s makes custom tap shoes. I go to tap class twice a week. Ergo, I would like some well made shoes that perfectly fit my feet.

Please tell us about Duran’s Dance Shoes.
I’m proud of the fact that we have the most loyal shoe makers who NEVER take short cuts. Each shoe is made with love, and you can see that they are passionate while they are hunched over cutting, sewing and placing leather. We buy only quality materials and products.

Meet Margarett Duran of Duran’s Dance Shoes in Boyle Heights

4. THIS COUCH – I need it. Like, in real life. You already know about the loveseat debacle. That is still the only couch I have, and it’s not great for having guests. (Don’t worry, I have seen and sat on this one in real life.)


img 7228

5. #2 but make it Mean Girls – It’s Mean Girls.

6. money for an extension and/or Script Anatomy class. – As I mentioned in the sabbatical post, I want to take some creative writing classes during my sabbatical so I can get my mojo back. Classes cost money. ($630-$745, it looks like.)

7. standing height (not table top) gas grill for the back patio – I don’t know anything about grills, but I had one before (Coleman, I think?) and it was A+++. I would like to recreate the magic. And grill some meat.

This year’s list is a lot shorter than usual because I have so many big ticket and experiential items on it. I’m really going for quality over quantity here.

Also, I have created a Things to Get Me list so if anyone wants to get me anything, you can see if it’s already ticked off on the list! AND/OR if you want to contribute to the tap shoe, creative writing class, or tap shoe fund, you can Venmo (@AkilahBrown) or cashapp ($theakilahbrown) me. Just put what you fund you want the money to go towards and I’ll apply it accordingly.

‘Tis the season!



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