It’s Monday & I bought a couch

August 31, 2020

Except my couch is actually a loveseat. If you don’t know the difference between a loveseat and a couch, let me just explain to you that I now understand why it’s called a loveseat. Because, see, the loveseat is very intimate. In fact, you basically have to love the person sitting next to you on that thing because there is no space for anything between you except love.

The lump/leg on the right is my daughter.

My daughter has also made it a sport to poke me for no other reason than I am in reach. She, as I was writing this, asked me to come sit next to her so she could mess with me. It’s a lot of fun. (It’s not a lot of fun.)

I bought the couch loveseat without going to see it in person because I trust the brand and knew it would be comfortable. I also took measurements of my old couch so thought I knew exactly what I was getting into. Learn from me, people, because the length of the loveseat is the length of the non-chaise part of my previous couch, but what I didn’t account for nor measure was the size of the cushions.

It’s very plush and cute (I love the color), but those armrests take up way more room than you might think. My friend (who is moving out of the country this week–the tl;dr blog post about that is “I can’t believe she’s leaving me”) stopped by today to drop some stuff off, so got an opportunity to sit on the loveseat and test it out. She did not want to get up because (a) she made the mistake of sitting down but also (b) it is so comfy and cozy. She also said, “Our thighs would definitely be touching if we both sat on that thing.” By the time she’s back stateside (she claims she’ll be back in six months, but I’m not holding my breath), I should have a full-sized couch as well, so I don’t think it will be an issue. But I’m just letting you all know that the love part of the loveseat is accurate.

Anyway, the loveseat is the perfect size for the space, and I am very happy with it–it’s just going to take some time to be so closely seated next to whoever sits on the other side of me, even if it is just my daughter for now.

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  1. The Widow Badass

    Haha! I once bought a loveseat because the living room I had was too tiny for an actual couch. Can confirm the no room for anything but love part 🙂

    I have a full-on couch now but still miss the loveseat. It was very comfortable…for one person 😉


    • Akilah

      I’m so glad you understand! It is a lovely couch and would be absolutely delightful if I sat on it by myself hahahahaha

  2. Ally Bean

    The loveseat looks perfectly inviting. We have one in our living room instead of a full size couch, but ours doesn’t have your wide arms. Still, like you’ve figured out, it’s a great place to sit if’n you like the person sitting beside you.


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