It’s Tuesday & my therapist got fired

August 25, 2020

Or, as the person who called me to tell me said, “terminated, effective immediately.”

Oh, and then a day or so later, we found out my daughter’s therapist was also fired–excuse me, terminated, effective immediately. So I’m sure you can imagine what a wild ride the last week and a half has been.
And how!

The good news is that neither were fired for patient violations of any kind. The bad news is no one will tell us exactly why they got fired, and all we can guess is that it had something to do with some kind of disagreement or something with whoever runs/owns the practice. The more pressing bad news is that my daughter and I are both out of therapists, and our therapists are out of jobs–in the middle of a global pandemic. Although, I guess they aren’t actually out of jobs since they’re both still practicing, but we are still out of our therapists that we both really, really liked because now they no longer take our insurance. So that sucks.

But, yes, because they were part of a practice, we are still patients of the practice, but we both still have to go through the business of readjusting to new therapists. I have liked everyone at the practice so far, so I have faith that it will be okay, but, man, it was a real bummer to get that news. Also, the person in charge of the practice called us both personally to check on us, and I asked her how we knew it wouldn’t happen again, and she said the fact that it even happened is rare so, basically, it BETTER not happen again. Or something to that effect.

Imagine working on your abandonment issues and this happens. What a doozy.

So, if you want to know what else I’ve been up to for the past week and a half or so besides course prep for work, there you go. Oh, I also bought a couch, but I guess that’s a topic for a different post. And here’s where I normally tell you what I’ve been watching and/or reading, but that feels out of place here as well.

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