Grey’s Anatomy S12 E22: The Best Thing I Saw on TV This Week #SOL24

March 16, 2024

The best thing I saw on TV this week was S12 E22 of Grey’s Anatomy with Dr. Miranda Bailey testifying in court during [SPOILERS FOR SEASON 12 AHEAD, but no spoilers for the outcome of the trial] the custody hearing between Callie and Arizona.

What made it so great is that, at one point, one of the lawyers asks Bailey a question and Bailey responds, “Objection. Speculation,” and the lawyer says to the judge, “She can’t do that,” so the judge says to Bailey, “You can’t do that,” and then the lawyer asks her question again and the opposing counsel says, “Objection. Speculation” and Bailey makes a face and then points at her as if to say, “See, told you.”

I laughed so hard at that scene and then, because my daughter wasn’t paying that close attention, rewound and watched again. It still makes me laugh just thinking about it.

[I’m linking to a TikTok video of the scene since I can’t find it on YouTube (and because Bailey’s expression at the end of that scene cannot be accurately described).]


arizonas lawyer said ill go with that #greysanatomy #greys #arizonarobbins #callietorres #mirandabailey

♬ original sound – syd!


But it gets better. (Which…of course it gets better. It’s Bailey.) Then, Callie’s lawyer starts grilling Bailey about Arizona’s work schedule to use against Arizona, and Bailey is having none of that. As soon as she starts in, Bailey makes a face because she knows where it’s headed and, again, she’s not here for it at all. Bailey’s basically like, “What you’re not going to do is try to use me against a woman who works to imply she’s a bad mother.”

Except what she actually says is “I would never put a woman’s success in the con column.” BOOM. MIC DROP.

But Bailey’s still not done! The lawyer goes on to be all, “Wow, Dr. Sloan definitely dropped everything a bunch of times to run off to work,” and again, Bailey is not about that life and just counters with “Would you ask that if she were a man?”

The best part about the court scene (besides Bailey, goddess of my heart) is that the judge, lawyers, and defendants are all women so it also acts as a nice commentary on gender roles and expectations because the absolute irony of the lawyer pulling that is not lost on (I hope) any of the audience members. But Bailey gets the moment to truly shine a light on the double standard (still!) when it comes to women having a successful career outside of the home and how they are often punished for it.



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  1. Whitney Karp

    I’ve never been a “Grey’s Anatomy” watcher, but your description of this scene makes me wish that I were. “Would you ask that if she were a man?” is just perfect. That’s another mic drop moment right there. Thank you for sharing your TV musings with us today.


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