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TV Breaking Point #SOL24

March 15, 2024

Today, I’m thinking about TV show breaking points–you know, that moment when you have reached your limit with a show and won’t be watching it anymore. My daughter and I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy together, and she reached hers when we got to the end of season twelve. She said she’s done, so done that I can watch without her, which is how I knew she was serious. As for me, I had watched Grey’s before but stopped at some point probably in season six or seven but had caught episodes here and there through the years so don’t now when I left it alone the first time. So what I’m saying is my first stop on Grey’s was a petering out more than anything else–one of many casualties of my PhD program, alas. (Other casualties include One Tree Hill and Ugly Betty, both of which I never finished.)

At any rate, I have stopped many shows for many different reasons, and I can usually remember exactly why. I used to be the type of person who would stick with a show that I once loved until the very end, but Dawson’s Creek broke me of that. I watched every single episode of that show and regretted it by the end (though the finale was actually good–they owed us, honestly), so.

For example, I can remember perfectly when I quit watching General Hospital. The show had been driving me bananas, but I dipped in and out (as one does with soaps) for years. Obviously, I was all in during the Robin & Stone years and even the Lucky & Elizabeth years. I even stayed when they recast Lucky. But then! Then, they had the new Lucky and Nikolas BOND OVER A DEAD BODY. Like, literally they moved a dead body and then stood over it and were like, “My brother” and embraced. I just…WHAT? I couldn’t do it anymore.

Another time I quit a soap was during the switched baby plot on As the World Turns. That one I knew would be a temporary break, but I just couldn’t deal with everyone lying to the baby’s actual mother.

I quit Lost sometime after they merged with the back half of the plane and were sort of spinning their wheels. But I did go back after a friend told me one of the season finales was worth watching. This was, of course, after they negotiated an end date for the series.

Then there was Bones that I quit watching when they wrote in Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy. I was so annoyed that in the finale they implied that Brennan and Booth had gotten together but…didn’t show us??? My friend said I quit too soon and should have kept watching, but I still don’t even know if I can go back. Feel free to try to convince me because Booth is one of my actual TV boyfriends, and I am kind of bummed that I left him behind.

OH HO HO, and let us not forget Gilmore Girls that I had to stop watching when instead of apologizing, [spoiler alert] Zack proposed to Lane, and she said yes.[/spoiler]. And that was even after they destroyed Rory’s character AND Paris’s. And then once I found out they brought Christopher back so Lorelai would sabotage her relationship with Luke, I knew I would never return. [Sidenote: I was a seatfiller at the Creative Emmys one year, and they sat me and my friend right in the middle of the The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel section, so I wound up sitting right behind THE Amy Sherman-Palladino and nothing made me madder than the fact that she was SO NICE to us. Ma’am, how dare you? My fangirl rage could not handle holding both of those things at once (the rage and the fact that she was so sweet). Ruined my whole night.]

I can’t think of anymore right now, but I am sure there are others. The point is that some shows are peter out shows and some are quit in a rage once you reach your breaking point shows, and Grey’s Anatomy just became my daughter’s latest breaking point show.


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  1. Elisabeth Ellington

    What a fun post! I think I petered out with Grey’s Anatomy more than anything else too. I’m probably exaggerating, but after the 5th helicopter/ambulance/car crash into the ER, I had to stop watching ER. All of those are legit reasons to reach the breaking point with Gilmore Girls. I made it through to the bitter end AND watched the bonus season (painful). Much as I loved the first two seasons of Ted Lasso, I reached my breaking point somewhere in season 3 and never finished. One screaming match too many made me quit The Morning Show. I wish I’d quit the last season of Stranger Things, because it was rough, but I persisted. I’ve never watched Bones but might try it someday….

  2. Fran Haley

    Akilah, this is a hilarious read! I could feel your disgust and rage (and your daughter’s ) when the plot lines of beloved shows took ridiculous turns. I always wonder – are the writers in a crazed frenzy, trying to keep the thing going? Don’t folks realize when they’ve gone too far?? Nevertheless, this Slice is so entertaining. :)


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