I Love December!

December 23, 2016

I actually do love December. It’s my second (or third???) favorite month. (After writing this, I might have to admit it may be my actual fave.) There’s so much goodness here. Several people I love have their birthdays during December. Christmas is in December (my fave holiday). Twinkly lights! Christmas trees! DECEMBER!

So, as the song goes, here are a few of my favorite things about the month:

A Month of Faves

1. Birthdays: As I said, several people I love have their birthdays this month and three of them are my absolute faves: my mom as well as my great-grandmother and grandfather (who have both passed away). My best friend’s daughter’s birthday is in December. My sister’s birthday is in December. And let us not forget Jesus who was probably born in the spring but whose birthday we celebrate on my favorite holiday.

2. Christmas: I love Christmas. LOVE. I love everything about it. The decorations, the movies, the music, the parties, the food, the shopping. ALL OF IT. I LOVE IT.

3. The Magic Christmas (link to my review!) by Francine Pascal: Yes, this is a Sweet Valley Twins book. Yes, it is delightful and worth a (re)read at this time of year.

Nostalgia: Sweet Valley Twins and Friends: The Magic Christmas

4. Christmas movies: There are so many that I love. Here are just a few:

  • A Diva’s Christmas Carol
  • The Santa Clause
  • Elf
  • A Christmas Story

5. Christmas specials: Sure, the music ones can be fun (when they feature lively music and not just the super serious ones). But I’m talking about the spin-offs of movies and cartoons and comic strips that are solely dedicated to the season. They are usually a mix of melancholy and joy–just like Christmas itself. Some examples:

  • A Garfield Christmas
  • Shrek the Halls
  • Mickey’s Christmas Carol

6. Christmas music!: I have already talked about this at length. (See: These Are a Few of My Favorite Christmas Songs.) Here, have one I didn’t talk about in that post:


7. Very Special Christmas Episodes (or just any Christmas/December holiday episode, really) of TV shows: This probably will not surprise anyone given all of my previous points, but I do set up a TiVo wishlist for Christmas so I can catch these episodes. It doesn’t matter if I regularly watch the show or not (though I usually have watched them at some point). They delight me.

8. The weather: Oh ho ho. You probably weren’t expecting that one, huh? I live in the land of sunny December. In fact, save a few days so far this month, the daytime temperature here have been in the mid- to upper-70s, which is JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT. In fact, I’m hoping to get in a beach day before next semester begins…

9. Winter break: It’s usually desperately needed after the fall semester. I mean, sure, I usually spend at least one week of my break planning for next semester, but it’s nice not to have to go to work for three weeks.

10. Did I mention all of it? I love December, guys. True fact.

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  1. Jenny @ Reading the End

    My GOD do I love Christmas. I feel slightly anxious talking about Christmas as much as I do in fact love it, because I know for a lot of people the holidays can be terribly fraught and I get that. But as for me and my house, I love Christmas so so so SO much. This year I haven’t been as much in the holiday spirit (chronic illness flare-up, boooo), but I’ve had some good sleeps and am feeling more rejuvenated, and come tomorrow I will be ALL ABOUT IT. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Ally Bean

    I’m glad that someone likes December. I want to like it, but then the weather gets gray and gloomy– and people get weird and rude– and I start counting the days until January. That being whined about, let me say: Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you and yours. So happy that I found you this year. 🙂


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