New Year, New Goals

January 8, 2024

Welp, the first week of the new year has been and gone, so I guess it’s time to think about goals for 2024.

Reading Goal

Since I didn’t post any goals for 2023, there’s nothing to review there really except for my Goodreads challenge.

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I set that goal for 52 (two more books than I read last year) and read 76, so obviously I smashed it. I set this year’s for 75 books (one less that I read this year) because there’s a big difference between 52 and 78 so anyway, that takes care of my reading goals.

But, of course, reading is just one part of my life, so I have goals in other areas as well.

Health & Wellness Goals

My (step)dad was admitted to the hospital at the end of the year (he’s home now and doing fine) but when I visited him in the hospital, I had to really think about where I am physically and what needs to change. His blood pressure was high, his blood sugar was up, etc. Some of it was because of the medicine they were giving him, but it still made me think about if I were admitted to the hospital what my levels might be in those areas or where I might face some challenges. I also thought about the things I want to be able to do physically that I currently can not. So with that in mind, I came up with the following:

  • Get my blood sugar firmly back in the black. Coming out of lockdown, I have officially been classified as pre-diabetic and my blood sugar keeps teetering right on the edge of going into the red and requiring medication. I am zero percent interested in that, which means I need to get serious about cutting down on simple carbs and my boo sugar. A friend of mine is doing No Sugar Tuesdays so I may try that during the month of January and see how that goes. Either way, yeah, I need to cut back.
  • Be able to (1) put/tap my feet together, (2) go up on my heels in tap, and (3) get through the medium-fast Shim Sham without getting so winded that I’m fighting for my life. Clearly, I can currently do neither of these.
  • Walk more than a block on the beach without getting winded. I went to the beach with my friend on Friday and as we moved farther and farther down the beach, I got increasingly more winded. She has a bad knee and was not winded. So.
  • Do yoga once a week as often as possible.
  • Drink more water.

Professional Goals

I am still on sabbatical for the spring semester, so my priority is to finish the projects I pitched for sabbatical. So that includes:

  • Writing up the blog posts from my time at Joshua Tree.
  • Making the vids from my time at Joshua Tree.
  • Reorganizing/rewriting my ENGL 1A/1B/1C curriculum. I both have a clear vision and also have too many ideas, so I need to sort out where everything fits.
  • Writing my reflections/takeaways for the courses I’ve taken.
  • Interviewing my family members.

Other (non-sabbatical) professional goals include:

  • Plan my online mystery and crime fiction class.
  • Finish second draft of manuscript.
  • Apply to two fellowships (after this year, may I be recruited for every fellowship I want 🙏🏾)
  • Finish cleaning up my website (remove broken links, get at least the last year’s posts organized, fix my categories, etc)

Personal Goals

Then, of course, there are the things I want to do for myself and around my home. Those goals include:

  • Declutter and reorganize. My house still looks and feels like a storage locker and that is definitely NOT the vibe I want. More specifically, I need to clean out my dresser and closet, move my dresser into my closet, sell the loveseat currently in my room so I can have room for shelving/storage and also a chair, buy and mount a TV (probably, still not completely sold on this idea as I don’t generally like having a TV in my room but I may change my mind after I get the chair), get some better storage solutions for my living room area, and figure out a way to keep the work on my desk from creeping over onto my dining room table.
  • Decorate. This goes with the first bullet point re: storage locker. I have a couple of friends who said they can help me with this because I recognize this is not my ministry or an area I am strong in.
  • Revamp my wardrobe. Most of my clothing is for work, and I then use it for when I go out. I need clothes that are just for going out so everything in my life isn’t about work.
  • Move from thinking about things in terms of function and instead think in terms of ~vibes~. This directly correlates to the first three bullet points. This is why my place feels like a storage locker and all my clothes are work clothes or gym clothes with a couple few t-shirts thrown in for good measure. I would like to pretend I have a little bit of style sometimes.

At book club on Saturday, the facilitator reminded me of the KonMari method, so I need to apply the principle of keeping things that spark joy as I move through this process.

I know these are a lot of goals, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not feeling a little overwhelmed by all I have and want to do. But I am trying to remember that some of these tasks will just require a few minutes per day to make forward motion–I have had good luck with doing 10-15 minute passes on things–while others will require a little bit more focused attention. Still and all, I think these things are all doable. They will just require planning, prioritization, and commitment.


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