New Layout!

December 13, 2023

In today’s post, I tell you a couple of things re: the new layout of ye olde blog.

  • My blog has a new address, so if you were following me over at WordPress or are using an RSS reader, my blog is now at
  •  I’m going to start sending out a once-monthly newsletter to recap what’s been posted here. So if you would like to follow my blog but not be notified every single time I make a post, that option is for you. The sign-up is at the bottom of the page.
  • My friend’s mom also gifted me with a COMPLETE website overhaul. The site is still under construction which means some parts aren’t fully up and running because, for one thing, I have 839 broken links (not an exaggeration) to fix from different changes I’ve made over the years 😩. Still, it’s super cute and amazing, so feel free to also check out my new homepage.
  • Along with the website stuff, I also need to do some stuff with my social media so that it can all match and fall in line. This web thing is a lot of work, y’all, and I’m not even doing most of the work! That’s not even counting the blog/Instagram posts about Joshua Tree that I have yet to write/create. And now it’s the holiday season, so we’ll see how that goes.
  • It looks like Tanya and Kimberly over at GirlXOXO are not hosting A Month of Faves this year (and are moving to a new web address). However, since I love doing it so much, I’m still going to do my own personal version by Frankenstein-ing (razing? scavenging?) previous prompts. Yes, they’re basically all yearly wrap-up posts, but I’ll still be labeling them as A Month of Faves for continuity’s sake.

I’m excited about the changes around here and how ~sexy~ my new layout is.

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