The top 4 things on my Christmas wish list

December 13, 2023

My daughter started pressing me out for my Christmas list before Black Friday, and I just finished it last Wednesday, so needless to say I am way behind the ball here. I told her what I really wanted (first item on the list), but she was like, “That’s nice but nobody can afford that. What do you want me to get you?” That’s why it took so long to write–because everything I want is out of her price range, generally speaking. Also, I don’t usually link up with Slice of Life for these, but this year, each gift highlighted here has a little story behind it, so I thought it appropriate.

What I want: Dell UltraSharp 49 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor – U4924DW
The cost: $1400
Why it’s on my wish list: Last time I visited my best friend in Florida, she had this ginormous monitor in one of her kids’ rooms. At first, I was like, “What is this sorcery?” And she explained it was just a super large monitor, to which I said, “I need it.” Then, her mom (the one who is overhauling my website) saw it and basically let out a squeal of joy. Do you know why? Because it is ONE monitor, but you can have MULTIPLE windows on it at the same time. When I’m building my courses or grading, I am constantly toggling back and forth between tabs and browsers, and my life would be so much easier if I could have this giant, giant monitor where I could have six or so different windows/applications open at the SAME TIME on the SAME SCREEN. And my friend is like, “Well, you can get the 43-inch for less than $1k,” and I am like, “Uh, but that is SMALLER so no thank you.” So anyway, this is the thing I want most of all, so I am praying for a Christmas miracle to make this happen, basically.

What I want: Samsonite Pro Travel Softside Expandable Luggage with Spinner Wheels, Black, Carry-On 21-Inch
The cost: $233
Why it’s on my wish list: My daughter is a flight attendant, which means I get to take advantage of her flight benefits, which means I am living the standby life, which means I need a suitcase that can carry my whole life when I go on a trip instead of what I currently use now. By which I mean, I’m usually traveling with two full size bags, plus a carry-on, plus my backpack, which is…not feasible, especially if/when you may have to take a flight to, say, a different Los Angeles airport than the one you originally planned to because of flight schedules. My flight attendant friend recommended this suitcase because it holds a ton of stuff and (her words) she used it when she traveled to Europe for several weeks. Also, my daughter has the slightly smaller version of this bag and said that she recommends it because of how much it holds. And just in case you thought I was joking, this was the exchange I had with my friend when I asked her about the bag:

Me: Can you please send me the dimensions of your suitcase? If I’m going to be living this standby life I need something with more space for all my stuff so I can travel lighter 😅 Her: I would be delighted!!! Me: Three exclamation points is a bit excessive don’t you think? 😂😂😂 Her: Not when I was originally gonna say “you’ve never said anything sexier” 😅

I would love to have this before my next trip, for sure.

What I want: AirPods / engraved with 🎶 Akilah 🎶
The cost: $249
Why they’re on my wish list: So, I have been living a headphone SAGA. I currently have three (four?) pairs of headphones: one for my purse, one for my bookbag/desk, and one for the gym. I kept not being able to find one pair on the other (in large part because at least two pair are in the exact same black case that blends in with my backpack (black) and my desk (also black). It is so bad that in a group chat that I have with a couple of my friends, the running joke is me giving updates on my various headphones shenanigans. For example:

  • “You might be right about me needing AirPods, she says as she can’t find her gym/wireless headphones.”
  • “What did you do today, Akilah? Looked for my headphones which were right where I left them.”

The good news is that a friend said she has a pair of AirPods she no longer uses so will gift me her old ones! Yay.

What I want: Isotoner Cold Weather Gloves / size: small/medium, color: Black Textured
The cost: $32
Why they’re on my wish list: Technically, I want a pair of driving gloves, which my daughter and more than one friend told me they don’t want to get and in fact insulted my choice. In fact, my daughter looked at my list today and said, “If you don’t get these driving gloves off of here” to give you a sense of how anti the driving gloves idea they are. The fact remains that I need a sleeker pair of gloves in general because my current pair are like gloves for a kid. They are puffy and, obviously, provide some warmth but I would not be able to use them to text and they make my pockets stick out when they’re in there, and they look childish. So! I still need gloves, even if my driving gloves dream has been crushed by those who (say they) love me.

If you want to see what else rounded out my wish list(s), you can check them out on Amazon and Things To Get Me. Anyway, I love knowing what gifts people want or are asking for (not just for inspiration, ahem, but also because I’m nosy), so please feel free to share what’s on your wish list in the comments!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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    You have exciting news all the way around in this story from a new blog page to being able to plane hop around the world. Merry Christmas!


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