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Three Reasons I’m Never Giving Up My DVD Player #SOL24

March 13, 2024

Listen, I know people thing streaming is the wave and in a lot of ways it is, but I can also tell you that you can pry my DVD player from my cold dead hands. I can give you a quick three reasons why:

  1. The Hunger Games movies
  2. Face/Off (with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage)
  3. Ghosts UK

Do you know what all three of those movies/TV shows have in common? They were not available on a streaming platform when I wanted to watch them. Or at least in the case of The Hunger Games and Face/Off, not on a streaming service that I subscribed to. So when I saw that they weren’t available on streaming, I also checked my public library’s streaming services. (Did you know you can stream movies and TV shows FOR FREE through the library? Well, you can if your library subscribes to Hoopla or Kanopy. I think there’s another platform that allows that as well, but I can’t remember which. Check your local library to see what they offer!) They weren’t there either.

But do you know where I could find them? At the library. In DVD form. And, yes, because I still have my DVD player (in fact, I bought a new one a few years ago), I put those movies on hold, picked them up from the library, popped them into my DVD player, and enjoyed them. And because they were from the library, they were free. So there’s an extra special bonus.

In the case of Ghosts (UK), the first three seasons were up on HBOMax, and I burned through them pretty quickly. Imagine my delight when I found out there was a fourth season! Imagine my frustration when that season never appeared on HBOMax. So I did what any frustrated person would do and took to the internet to find out just what was going on. No one knew! What they did know was that the season had aired in the UK, but for some reason had not been released in the US.

ghostsOh, but then! Then, CBS acquired the rights and aired episodes after reruns of the US version of Ghosts since there was a dearth of content because of the strikes. Imagine my delight at finding out that the episodes would be put up on Paramount+! imagine my frustration when they did a weekly drop of the episodes (not ideal, but not terrible) but have stopped at season two.

Guess what? There are FIVE seasons. Yes, in the time that HBOMax didn’t acquire the fourth season and the time the show appeared on CBS/Paramount+, a whole new season was wrapped and aired. So am I just never to see these episodes?

But! I did another search. And do you know what I found? The complete series of Ghosts on DVD (which came out Tuesday)! (The internet had suggested DVDs of the show before, but one would need a region free DVD player to watch them as those were encoded for European DVDs.) I ordered the DVD set immediately because now I can own it and not worry about the whims of streaming.

You know, the whims that made it impossible to find Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse via streaming when I wanted to rewatch it before seeing the sequel. You will not be surprised that I also bought that movie on DVD as well.

When I was looking for Spider-Man, a friend of mine laughed and said that I could just buy it to stream whenever I want. Except they can pull content at any time, even if you pay for it, so that is not a game I want to play. I DO NOT TRUST STREAMING. And it’s not just for the reasons above but also because Disney+ pulled the Willow TV series before I got a chance to watch it just because they wanted to. There’s more I don’t like about streaming, but that’s another rant for another day.

So, anyway, yes. I still have a DVD player, and I will keep it because physical media > digital media that could disappear or not be available when I want it. And, yes, I do also still have my VCR as well. But that’s not surprising either, is it?

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  1. Lisa Keeler

    You are an expert on all things streaming and DVD. And I love your phrase about prying that DVD player from your cold dead hands.


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