Why I Hate Therapy #SOL24

March 29, 2024

On Wednesday, I had a therapy session that upset me so I made a post full of memes about how much I hate therapy.

The reality, though, is that I am not alone in hating therapy (just Google “I hate therapy” and see what comes up). It is work, and it is uncomfortable, and I don’t like it. I don’t like talking about my feelings. I don’t like feeling my feelings. I don’t like talking about things that I try not to think about, and I hate talking about something and then realizing it’s a traumatic event. It all sucks, and it is not fun. It is, as this Self article says, work and work doesn’t always feel good.

However, I do believe that it’s helpful, and I am–for good or ill–committed to getting better because I recognize that, besides being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, my coping mechanisms are not always the best.

The main reason I hate therapy, though, is that it’s unpredictable. I hate that I can go in with something specific that I want to talk about but wind up talking about something I was unprepared to talk about. Or that I talk about that something specific but not in the way I want.

On Wednesday, though, my therapist actively pissed me off. The unpredictability was a part of it, but the real kicker is that I brought up something to her that I wanted to do, and I had a feeling she wouldn’t like it. I was right, of course. But the thing that really got me is that she said “Okay,” but in that way that means “If that’s what you want to do but I don’t agree and also think it’s probably a terrible idea.” And I know that’s what she meant because that is EXACTLY the way I say “Okay” to my daughter or one of my friends when they have asked for my advice, and I’m done with trying to explain why their way is terrible (only when asked, btw. I do not give unsolicited advice) or I’ve said my piece and am done repeating myself. She also hit me with the “I recognize that that’s something you think you need to do” instead of just saying “Yeah, that’s a terrible idea.”

its me memeIt was INFURIATING especially because now I know how it feels for my daughter and/or friends to be on the receiving end of such comments! Oh, I was hot. I still am, actually. Because HOW DARE?

Yeah, so my big problem is that Wednesday’s session held up a mirror, and I did not like what I saw.

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  1. Elisabeth Ellington

    The mirror! The unpredictability! The feelings! The talking about feelings! The trying to locate feelings in the body! I hate all of it! But I am still glad I spent years doing it….I really hadn’t considered the unpredictability of therapy as one of the things that makes me struggle with it, but that’s so true. You go in with one agenda, and then things take a turn…

    • Akilah

      The worst.


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