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Jeopardy! and the Great Cable Conundrum #SOL24

March 20, 2024

I feel like every few months or so I make the same ask: Should I get cable/Hulu+ Live TV? And the reason I ask is always the same: Jeopardy! It’s always Jeopardy!

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Specifically, this time, I missed last night’s Tournament of Champions episode (which could have been the deciding game–I won’t know until I attempt to watch tonight’s episode, so no spoilers, please) because the signal was scrambled, so when I went to watch it back on my TiVo, it was all gobbeldygook. I do not know why that happened because I double checked my antenna/signal before I went out last night, and it was fine, and when I woke up this morning and turned on the TV, the signal was fine as well. So it was just Jeopardy! that had the issue, apparently. Or the signal was only scrambled during the time Jeopardy! aired.

Also, you would think that I would just be able to stream it, but no! See, the current episodes of Jeopardy! are not streaming on any of the services I currently have (Hulu, Netflix, MAX) and according to this Rolling Stone article, the only way to have access to it would be to get Hulu+ Live or some other ridiculously expensive service or, you know, just regular old cable.

I told my daughter that I think God is trying to tell me to get cable/Hulu Live. Because why else would this keep happening?

But then I think that it’s ridiculous to pay so much more money just for one syndicated show. Because I know how this goes. I get cable, I watch Jeopardy! and then I spend the rest of the time watching reruns of shows I have already seen and/or shows that are streaming on the basic level of Hulu I already have.

On the other hand, maybe it’s worth it so I don’t have to stress about the signal? Or worry about watching shows (such as awards show) that air in real time with the rest of my friends who watch TV (aka the internet)?

Of course what will probably happen is that my signal will be fine tonight, and I’ll be lulled into a false sense of security until the next [insert big deal] episode of Jeopardy! I want to watch and my signal scrambles again, and I’m shaking my fist in frustration. Or it won’t be fine, and I’ll sign up for a one day (!!!) trial of Fubo just to see the end of the tournament and then, next time this happens, shake my fist in frustration. Either way, I see a lot of fist shaking in my future because I know how this story ends.

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