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Sleep, part II #SOL24

March 21, 2024

When I wrote my sleep post the other day, I was so exhausted that I had forgotten what else it was about sleep I wanted to say because I promise I had enough to make a nice juicy post instead of that Facebook status update I did.

In general, I don’t usually sleep well. Sleep apnea aside, if I’m not fighting with my CPAP machine, I’m fighting with my alarm clock or my subconscious. So what I wanted to write about along with the fact that I keep waking up with my CPAP hose under my body instead of not was that I keep having this thing where I wake up before my alarm (let’s say 15-30 minutes), think “ugh not now” and then fall back asleep and when my alarm actually goes off, I am so sleep that I keep hitting snooze. I know this isn’t specific to me because I’ve spoken to my students about it in the past, but still. It drives me absolutely bananas. I would rather either stay awake or not wake up at all until it’s time because I usually feel more exhausted the second time around.

nightmares lisa simpsonSince I don’t want to write another short post, I should also point out that another reason I don’t sleep that well is I usually have very vivid and sometimes disturbing dreams. For example, the other day I had a dream that my friend announced she was marrying her new boyfriend, which was a shock because she’d said before that she didn’t want to get married again. And while I know people sometimes change their minds about that, the shock in the dream wasn’t necessarily that she wanted to marry him but that she wanted to marry him even though he was trying to screw her over on the prenup about child support. Even though both of them have adult children (in real life and in the dream), he had somehow managed to make it so that she had to pay child support to him if they broke up, and she kept saying that she knew he didn’t meant it and it would work out. I never did know how that issue resolved itself because the next thing I knew I was dreaming about murderous teens on a spring break rampage. So, you know, my subconscious keeps it interesting around here.

To end this on a lighter note, I will say that I do sometimes get good sleep (not last night, though–I woke up with a headache that I’ve been battling all day; sorry, I know I said I was ending on a lighter note). My best sleep usually comes when, surprise!, I have a really good workout, which is super annoying. I remember when I started working out in the pool again after some of the restrictions lifted during the stay at home orders, and I woke up the next day revived and calm. It also solved my issue of having to get up in the middle of the night to pee. Suddenly, I was sleeping all the way through the night again–even if I drank a ton of water or tea right before bed.

Working out, unfortunately, does nothing about the dreams, though. I know because I did a pretty strenuous workout yesterday and, well, see above re: the headache. Still, though, it’s much easier to get to sleep when I exercise, so that’s also a plus.

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  1. Terje

    A good night sleep is precious thing. To wake up when your body is ready, without an alarm clock, is the best way to wake up. I personally don’t know many people who wake up like this. I have heard that dreams including nightmares are the way the mind tries to solve problems. I have yet to understand my bizarre dreams. and what problems they might solve. I hope the weekend brings some good sleep for you.


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