My first readathon! #ReverseReadathon

July 27, 2018

Since this is the first time in EVER that my schedule has even an iota of room for me to read when one of these is going on, I just signed up for the Dewey Summer Reverse Readathon. I have only my regularly scheduled 10 a.m. commitment tomorrow and then an event at 5:30 (8:30 Eastern time–I’m on the west coast), so it’s like the stars aligned just so I could participate. It’s a readathon miracle! (Also a calendar miracle, tbh. Whew.)

Books on deck:

  1. Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi
  2. Inside Story: The Power of the Transformational Arc by Dara Marks
  3. Alex + Ada Vol. 3 by Jonathan Luna
  4. Ms. Marvel Vol. 6: Civil War II by G. Willow Wilson

If I should finish all of those, I have more, of course. My real plan is to knock out Emergency Contact, which I am already about 3/4 done with and to put a significant dent in Inside Story, which I started last night. The other two would either serve as breaks from all the text or be icing on the finished some books cake.

Okay, I have some errands to finish so I can be ready when the readathon starts, so I should get to it. I will probably check in on Twitter occasionally (@englishist) and then do a wrap-up post tomorrow night or Sunday.

I think that’s how this whole thing works anyway. Either way, updates will be forthcoming.


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  1. Ally Bean

    I read the invitation to this read-a-thon and it says this is a trial one. What does it feel like to be a guinea pig?! Happy reading!


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