Bloggiesta: Wrap-Up

April 2, 2012

blogiestaI’m counting my first Bloggiesta as a success. I completed the pinterest challenge by creating a Books Worth Reading board, answered the unanswered comments on my posts, and read through the mini-challenges to see if any caught my eye. (So far, I saw one that I will probably do in the future: themed pages.)

I also started cleaning up my tags and labels. I’m about 1/3 of the way through, and that’ll be an ongoing project that I work on a little at a time–probably between grading papers. I like how much cleaner and neater my blog looks on the fixed ones, so that’s good.

I didn’t make a decision about the reviews by author page, which means it stays for now. I may make updating that a task for the Bloggiesta event in September. We’ll see. Next time, I’ll hopefully be able to participate more in the Twitter aspect of it all as well.

All in all: good deal. Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun, etc.

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  1. Vasilly

    Great job! I didn’t get all that I wanted done during Bloggiesta but I’m satisfied. I hope you’re having a great weekend.

  2. Akilah

    Thanks! I screwed up my tags right at the end when I went through deleting the ones I didn’t need anymore. A whole chunk of tabs got accidentally deleted, sigh.

    Now, I should probably work on reviewing some of those books I’ve read in the past month.


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