From En Vogue to MMC to…Mom?

April 7, 2018

In an effort to find something to post about tonight, I somehow fell down a YouTube rabbit hole. I still am not sure how it happened. All I know is I wound up watching this interview with En Vogue on Wendy Williams (they have a new album coming out!):

Then, I watched some more videos, but most importantly this one in which Maxine and Dawn talk about why they left the group (Dawn : En Vogue :: Ice Cube : NWA):

Of course, after watching that, I started thinking about The All New Mickey Mouse Club (which I watched faithfully during high school) since Rhona is now a member of En Vogue and talked about her time on MMC during the Wendy interview. That led me to this wiki page and then this “Where Are They Now?” article.

My MMC love ran deep because I for sure watched every episode of Malibu Shores (er, also because it was a teen soap and those were my absolute jam back in the day. Let me just point out that I for sure watched it because of Keri and Tony but I probably would have watched it anyway).




Malibu Shores

Ah, youth. (source)

Oh, and while we’re talking about TV, can I say again just how absolutely infuriating Mom has become lately? Christy’s ex-husband was on a couple of weeks ago–no mention of her son. Then, on the latest episode, Christy’s boyfriend asked her to live with him. Part of Christy’s decision making process involved the life she has blah blah blah with NO MENTION OF HER SON. I checked and neither of her children have been so much as mentioned since the sixth episode of LAST SEASON and that season has 22 episodes, and the current season is on episode 16. That is a LOT of episodes to not mention anything about Christy’s relationships with her children–or even that she has two. UGH.

A newly sober single mom tries to pull her life together in Napa Valley while dealing with her wayward mother.

That is the premise of the show! Do they think we stopped caring about Christy’s children just because the show stopped mentioning them? Are we supposed to think that Christy no longer cares or has children? WHY ARE THEY (the show people) DOING THIS TO ME???? ARGH.

At least Jill is back so they’ve stopped focusing on the dumb boyfriend/man stuff, but the fact that she is a mom is a major part of her life! I will probably give it until the end of the season, and if SOMETHING isn’t addressed about Violet and/or Roscoe, I will have to let the show go because I just can’t enjoy it when I’m constantly wondering where they are and what they’re doing and WHY THEY ARE NEVER MENTIONED ANYMORE.

Look at that. I found something to post about after all.

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