I can complicate anything–even my fall 2016 TV viewing

September 6, 2016

So, basically every single show that I watched and loved last season got canceled. Except one.

last show standing (source)

last show standing (source)

There was a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth in my house after the upfronts because, GOOD LORD, everything we were excited about was gone. To wit:

  • The Grinder (FOX)
  • Galavant (ABC)
  • Grandfathered (FOX)
  • Telenovela (NBC)

That coupled with our bitterness over Cristela not surviving the year before…WELL. Let’s just say it was a devastating blow.

I do have two shows that I was watching last season that I was kind of on the fence about:

I like Brooklyn Nine-Nine when I watch it, but I took it off my TiVo season pass list last year (but still wound up watching every episode on Hulu). What I’m saying is I have a complicated relationship with it. I feel like it’s a show I don’t want to watch, but when I need something fun to watch, I watch it. It’s just not appointment TV. But I love Terry and Holt and Rosa and Amy SO MUCH. I also like Jake. See? Complicated.


Superstore was interesting enough, and I like the characters (esp. Garrett and Dina), but I am not 100% in love yet is all. It was a short season. Anyway, I did laugh out loud (SUPER LOUD) at the Olympics ep and watching Dina try to flirt with Jonah by talking about her gyno appointments was hilarious, so you know. I’m invested. But I would’ve been fine with Superstore getting cancelled over Telenovela is all. Even though I love America Ferrera with my WHOLE HEART.

Anyway, a show that I am super excited has new episodes on Netflix but don’t even understand why I watch because it’s kind of dumb is Love & Hungry. Like, I seriously do not get why I watch this show! And have recommended it to people! Because it’s so dumb. But I can’t stop watching. It’s cool, though. It will fill the Jeopardy!-sized hole in my viewing schedule for the next week or so until that show comes back.

I also realize that intellectually the show is the exact opposite of Jeopardy! Like I said, I can’t explain it. I just go with it.

I’m still not watching drama probably, but I am planning to record (and possibly watch??? hope springs eternal) Pitch (FOX).


Maybe that will be the show that gets me back into hour-long shows. Maybe? I hope so because there are some mid-season shows I’m super interested in, but they’re all an hour long and my brain just sort of shrugs when I see that detail.

For example, I totally want to watch Still Star-Crossed because this trailer!

I MEAN. The lit nerd in me is like ROMEO & JULIET RETELLING GIVE ME MORE, but the part of me that’s tired is like “But it’s an hour long.”

So probably not. I mean, I am still on S1 of Jane the Virgin, which I actively think is wonderful and yet.

Anyway, along with Pitch, I’m definitely recording (all comedies here, of course):

  • The Good Place (NBC) — The promos finally wore me down. I think it was the one with Kristen Bell’s character trying to curse, but she literally couldn’t.
  • Speechless (ABC) — The extended trailer is what got me interested in this one. Also, Minnie Driver.
  • Insecure (HBO) — I have HBO now. I like the trailer.
  • American Housewife (ABC) — I watch Mike & Molly in syndication, so I’m following the actress who plays Victoria to this show.

We’ll see what sticks.


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    • Akilah

      Galavant was well-liked, but the ratings weren’t very good, so it’s probably only popular among me and my daughter and other cool people like the bloggers you referenced, haha. I wish more people had watched it! Oh well, at least it’s on Netflix now.

  1. Jessica

    I’m so excited for Pitch and Still Star Struck!

  2. Lauren @ Always Me

    I feel you on Galavant – and Still Star Crossed looks good!

    Check out my TTT.

    • Akilah

      Galavant would be on my list as well! I can’t comment on Blogger posts, unless they allow anonymous commenting because Blogger hates me :(.

  3. Jenny @ Reading the End

    Wait wait what are the negatives about Brooklyn Nine Nine? Is it just that you don’t feel drawn to it when you’re not in the mood for light and fun? That is legit, I guess. I love that show but I usually wait (I do this with all the shows though) until I’ve banked a few episodes to watch all at once.

    I’ve never even heard of Superstore — which is silly because I love America Ferrara! Is it on Hulu?

    • Akilah

      Yes, it’s on Hulu! It’s an NBC show, so it makes sense that you haven’t heard of it because NBC’s rating are so in the toilet except for The Voice. I think I only knew about it/watched it because of America.

      Yeah, I don’t feel drawn to it necessarily even though I like stuff about it. I probably do need to bank some episodes because I always like it when I’m watching it, and I care about the characters. It’s so weird.

  4. Juhi @ Nooks & Crannies

    thanks for alerting me to Speechless! Watched the premier on Hulu, and loved it! Definitely gonna follow it!

  5. Lunch-Time Librarian

    I totally know what you mean about Brooklyn 9-9. I never go out of my way to watch it, but if there’s nothing else on then I’ll watch and enjoy it. And hopefully Pitch is good! I want to watch but I don’t like sports very much so we’ll see

  6. Read Diverse Books

    I finished the first season of Cristela a few days ago and hadn’t checked to see if the show was renewed. This is soul crushing. Wwhyyyyy?? D:
    I really like Superstore, and will continue to watch it. 🙂


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