One of the wildest things I’ve seen on TV

November 17, 2017

First of all, I have seen a lot of wild stuff on TV. I grew up watching soap operas (daytime and nighttime). So that tells you everything you need to know right there. I mean, remember that time Brad’s ex wife kept him prisoner in an actual cage on The Young & the Restless? And of course the time Emily shot Paul in the back, rolled him off a cliff, and then still begged him to get back together with her on As the World Turns? So, yeah, a lot of wild stuff.

When I was a kid, I used to stay up really late at night or wake up in the middle of the night, so I watched a lot of TV. (I mean, I watched a lot of TV in general, but you know what I mean.) Anyway, one of the shows I would watch is Divorce Court (the original 80s-early 90s version, obviously), which I think aired on USA.

Right, so, on one episode I watched, the husband filed for divorce from the wife, claiming she cheated on him with his identical twin brother. Because the husband knew the twin was in love with his wife, right? But the twin and the wife were adamant that she didn’t sleep with him. She knew the difference between the two men, obviously, but I think she had been drunk on the night in question. And she kept telling her husband that she thought she was sleeping with him (the husband).

Well, TURNS OUT, she and the twin were right. Because a surprise witness appeared! And guess who it was? The twins’ triplet who they didn’t know existed. He was the one who seduced the wife who, knowing it wasn’t the twin, thought her husband was just acting weird or something.

That was also the night I realized that the episodes were acted out (though based on true stories).



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