Q is for Quitting

April 20, 2016

Once upon a time, I used to watch TV shows through to the bitter end just because I had started them.


bad idea


Then I realized that it wasn’t my job to stick with a show just because. It was the show’s job to keep me interested.

So today’s letter/entry is devoted to those times I realized I didn’t have to deal with a show’s shenanigans anymore–whether the show infuriated me or just bored me.

Here are a few reasons I have quit shows:

  • I realized I only liked one or none of the characters
  • People kept coming back from the dead
  • There was a dumb plot point involving a character I liked
  • A female character was raped so the audience would have sympathy for her
  • Brothers bonded over hiding a dead body
  • The show got too dark/grim/depressing
  • The show started to revolve around a character I didn’t like or didn’t care for
  • The major will they or won’t they character hooked up off screen and the woman got pregnant
  • I got scared something terrible would happen to the one character I did like

Basically, once I started to dread watching the show, I knew it was time to quit.

And, of course, I have quit shows because I don’t have time to watch them, which is an entirely different bucket of sad that I don’t want to get into.

The point is that life is too short to keep investing in things I don’t enjoy out of some misplaced sense of obligation. So I don’t do that anymore, and my life is better for it.

A to Z 2016

For the A to Z challenge, I’m blogging about fannish pursuits (aka things I’m a fan of or have strong feelings about). Tune in tomorrow to see what I picked for R!

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  1. J Lenni Dorner

    J here, of the #atozchallenge Arlee Bird’s A to Z Ambassador Team. Tonight, YOU have been #COMMENTMOBBED with love from #azchat.
    How has the challenge been going for you so far? Are you meeting your goals of posting and hopping to other blogs? 3/4 of the way done!
    My blog’s giveaway is still going. I’m encouraging everyone to visit more stops.

    This is a post of good advice. I enjoyed season 1 of Extant. But season 2?
    I watched it because I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a highly underrated actor. He was the only reason I could stand watching anymore. Wild tangent. I could tell there was a good story with an excellent theme that really said something about humanity… but the scriptwriters or director or someone just ripped the heart out and blew it up. “We need more scenes where stuff gets blown up!” Yeah… no, you didn’t.

    • Akilah

      I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but I haven’t watched Extant.

      The challenge is going well. I’m really only able to read blogs on the weekend and have been trying to visit five which may or may not include people who have commented on mine.

      Thanks for checking in!

  2. Christy (A Good Stopping Point)

    Can you name some of the shows you abandoned? Some of the reasons you named sounded familiar …
    I remember one particular crime show (based in D.C) that I gave up on when they basically did a character assassination of one of the regular supporting characters, making him an accomplice to a serial murderer.

    • Akilah

      I was being pretty general, but I was directly referencing Bones, Scandal, and General Hospital in a couple of them.


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