#SomethingonSunday: Five Favorite Psych Moments

December 3, 2017

Psych the Movie premieres this Thursday, and LORD WILLING, I will be in the room where it happens at the Los Angeles premiere tomorrow night. This show makes me so happy, and I am so excited for this whole week because of it, so here are five of my favorite* moments from the show.

*Please note that I have many favorite moments, so this list is not in any way exhaustive. Nor am I saying these are the best. Just some moments that I love. Also, the ones that I could find clips of on YouTube.

1. Shawn and Gus running out of the sorority house in “Scary Sherry”

The actual best part isn’t in the clip. It turns out the driver’s side window was down the whole time because Gus sticks his hand through it to unlock the door. 😂

2. Shawn and Gus’s American Duos audition

And afterwards, Juliet says, “I can’t be seen talking to you right now. And not just because we’re undercover” and walks away in disgust. 😂

3. Shawn getting possessed by a ghost at the spelling bee


4. Gus pimp walking! This totally cracks me up:


5. Gus accidentally destroys a crime scene


I was literally on the floor laughing the first time I watched this. (It’s better in context because he shows up at Shawn’s door looking a hot mess and then you find out what happens and then he and Shawn MAKE IT WORSE. Which…you wouldn’t think that would be possible and yet).

The greatest tragedy of my life right now is that this show is no longer streaming anywhere and that I don’t own the DVDs. But on Thursday! There will be the movie! So here’s the promo for that, which is also joy making.

I love them so much.



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  1. Michelle

    This is probably one of my family’s favorite TV shows of all time. We have a Craig High school in the area, and we cannot pronounce it properly. We always use the Shawn and Gus pronunciation! I am SO excited about the movie; the whole cast has such a great chemistry but none more than Shawn and Gus. I could watch them forever.

  2. Darin Johnston

    Oh Shawn and Gus, how I’ve missed you both and your crazy shenanigans! :) Thank you for this post today! The smile was much needed!

  3. Darin Johnston

    Just saying, we laughed out loud too many times to count! A wonderful, funny, emotional show! A bonus: finding new Psych-os to connect with! Who knew so many people enjoyed the antics of Gus and Shawn!?!? :)

    • Akilah

      I loved the movie so much. I’m so glad you liked it, too! And, yes, I keep finding out friends are fans. It’s so great. Now, it just needs to start streaming again…


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