We need to talk about The Good Place

September 26, 2016

I love The Good Place, basically. Which is a little terrifying, quite frankly, given that most of the shows I loved last year were cancelled. But, to be real, that’s exactly why I am talking about it. (I already lost The Grinder, guys. I can’t take another hit.)

The Good Place

What I Dig about the Show:

The characters: So I am basically in love with all of the characters so far, which is A+++. Also, can we talk about Chidi and Tahani and how they are both basically me for different reasons? I mean, no, I am not a gorgeous former model and/or philanthropist, but I talk pretty much non-stop just like Tahani. I related to her (very brief) vow of silence on a cellular level is what I’m trying to tell you.

And that moment when Chidi got all excited about teaching Eleanor how to be a good person and he got all giddy about the essays and tests? LITERALLY ME. Why, just Thursday I was super excited about the test I wrote for my Comp 1 students. And my level of excitement may have been equal to Chidi’s. CHIDI IS MY PEOPLE. Yay professors! (Also, his professor outfit was very cute.)

The premise: There is so much I love about the premise! The idea that people in The Good Place aren’t necessarily saints is fantastic. I also love the idea of soulmates here: it’s clear that a soulmate is not an obvious match, so much as a person who challenges their partner to be the best version of themselves. Also, so far, the soulmates are all character foils, which just makes my lit teacher nerd heart sing. I mean, Chidi is an ethics professor? The loquacious Tahani paired with the monk who has taken a vow of silence???? I am dead.

My daughter has a theory that there is no Bad Place–there is the Good Place where people like Eleanor learn to become better (caring, compassionate, and less selfish) people. I countered with that there is also the fact that even doing good things doesn’t necessarily make you a good person. Obviously, there are clear differences between Eleanor and Chidi (and even Eleanor and Tahani), but, well, even Tahani and Chidi have their flaws. And even Michael does! I mean, he kicked a puppy for goodness sake! INTO THE SUN.

(That might be the moment I fell in love with the show. Don’t judge me. Wait, isn’t “don’t @ me” the new don’t judge? Or am I using that wrong? #oldladyquestion)

Anyway, given what happened at the end of episode three, she’s probably right.

The orientation video:

 We paused and rewound a couple of times to see all of the different point categories. A+ there.
Also, I am very obviously pleased by all the diversity. We were so happy to see same sex couples in the soulmates section of the video! Aw.

Maybe next week I’ll talk about some of the other shows that premiered, but for now I am all 😍😍😍😍 about The Good Place so have nothing substantial to say about them.

So, did anybody else watch? If not, what are you waiting for? It’s on NBC and streaming on Hulu! It is the business. Be a cool kid and watch.


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  1. Sharlene

    I’ve seen the trailer and LOVE Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars!) so I really need to get going and watch it! BUT I don’t have regular TV nor do I have Hulu (well that is, I used to have Hulu but it now looks like it’s completely a subscription-fee-based service?). So erm, I may have to see what else I can do!

  2. Bina

    Oooh that sounds really good! It wasn’t on my radar before (so white!) BUT is that Kristen Bell!? I need to give it a try!
    Another great thing about Fall: new shows🙌

    • Akilah

      It’s not that white, actually! They’re the big name draws, but the rest of the cast (minus Janet) is all POC!

  3. Jenny @ Reading the End


    Anyway, yes, I will watch this. I’m totally behind on trying out the new fall shows, but I love Kristen Bell, and you are not the first person I’ve heard say that this show’s a lot of fun. What more do I need?

    • Akilah

      When he kicked the puppy, my daughter and I looked at each other and she said, “What are we watching????” But then everything was cool, so we were like A+.

      It’s horrific out of context but it’s funny on the show. I promise! (And, spoiler alert, the puppy is fine.)

  4. Ally Bean

    This looks like a cute show that I’d enjoy. Thanks for the suggestion. Grinder is gone?

    • Akilah

      So gone.

  5. Christy

    I was catching up on my feed reader and had to chime in and say I just finished watching the first three episodes and I’m really enjoying the show so far. Weird and funny, with some great new-to-me actors, along side of already-fave Kristen Bell.

  6. Read Diverse Books

    I’ve never heard someone say “don’t @ me” to mean judging. hehe, I think that just means don’t talk to me or “come for me” or don’t approach me. Or something! I”m not that cool :P

    I have Hulu so I’ll watch the first episode of this show. Thanks for the recommendation!


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