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January 26, 2015

So, I love books THE MOST, but TV is my second favorite. It’s been a while since I’ve been super excited about the TV I watch–mostly because I’ve been busy, but also because there weren’t a lot of shows that were must watch for me. However, I do have a smattering of shows that I have on rotation, so here they are (in order of season pass priority) with a little about how I feel about them.

True story: I used to actually organize my season pass list in order of importance, but now I just add stuff and reorganize if anything overlaps.

Also, writing this list helped me realize why I’m always behind on TV. Apparently, I have thirteen shows in rotation, and I’m still looking to add more. Good grief.

tv1 1. Mom, CBS – You wouldn’t know it by the posters, but this is actually the most serious of the shows I watch. It’s about a woman and her mother who are both in AA and how they deal with sobriety. Allison Janney is a national treasure. Seriously. And her styling is fantastic in this show.

2. The Mindy Project, FOX – Most of my issues with this show are overshadowed by how great I think Mindy and Danny are, separately and together. Mindy is a nut and self-involved in the best possible way. Danny is the oldest forty-year-old ever, probably, and I can definitely relate to that about him. Sadly.

Also, let me just take a moment and say that it’s so weird watching shows about main characters who are  MY ACTUAL AGE. Is this what being a grown-up feels like?

3. Modern Family, ABC – I feel like I’m watching this more out of habit than anything, but it’s a show my daughter and I watch together, so it’s a keeper.

4. Blackish, ABC – I just watched the MLK episode before I wrote this, and I laughed. A lot.


5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, FOX – I have to confess that this show doesn’t actually make me laugh that much, but I love the characters a lot and watching it always makes me happy.

6. Cristela, ABC – I was super surprised to like this Friday night (!) family show. I caught it by accident, and it just delights me. Great family relationships, lots of heart.

7. The Flash, The CW – Barry and Cisco are probably two of the most adorable characters on television right now. I mean, those two always make me smile. ADORABLE. Mostly, though, I love that this is a mostly fun superhero story. Barry’s Flash costume is goofy, though. I don’t think it can be avoided, unfortunately.

8. Jane the Virgin, The CW – I love this show! Awesome characters, a BEAUTIFUL cast (I mean, seriously, they are all criminally good looking), lots of heart, super fun. I love Jane so much. She’s honest and kind and GOOD. However, the show is quick to point out that she’s no saint. I just love her.

This WP article about how Jane and Barry are actual nice characters on a drama and how that’s super awesome pretty much details why The Flash and Jane the Virgin make me so happy. To wit:

“The Flash” and “Jane the Virgin” are running creative laps around their grimmer competitors by demonstrating that the conflicts produced by good intentions are just as gripping as the misdeeds of people who conceal their worst selves rather than conquering them.

Yes, that. Exactly.


9. Galavant, ABC – The previews for this show made laugh even though they didn’t show anything about what was actually happening in the show (except: musical!), so I had to watch. And I’m glad I did. It’s so fun and silly, and it parodies the very genres it’s ripping off. Love.

10. Agent Carter, ABC – I finally finished the first two episodes, and I’m not completely sold on this show, but I am intrigued. I’ll keep watching for now.

11. Parks and Recreation, NBC – The season premiere did not sit well with me, but I have faith that the show will find its footing and joy again soon. I hope.

12. MasterChef Junior, FOX – Adorable. What more is there to say?

Oh, all right, I’ll let NPR tell you why I really dig this show:

The funny thing about this show, though, is that they’re kids, and they’re all pretty nice people who have a legitimate skill (that would be cooking). That gives the audience a chance to enjoy some of the really fun things about competition shows (growth, personality, triumphs) without the bad things about competition shows (backbiting, unpleasantness, resentment). It allows the audience to be on the side of not just some participants but all of the participants, which is secretly what a sizable chunk of the supposedly bloodthirsty crowd really wants to do anyway.

Oh, and Buzzfeed did an article about the behind the scenes workings of the show if you’re into that sort of thing (which I am).

I also have a season pass to Jeopardy!, which I am perpetually behind on. And I have the first two episodes of Empire sitting on my TiVo ready to be watched. I was going to skip it because it looked kind of heavy, but it’s a King Lear retelling and my inner nerd won’t let that go. (Plus also, I have heard good things about it.) Anyway, I’ll get around to those episodes. Eventually. Someday. Maybe when I’m caught up on everything else. Oh, and I’m also planning to watch Fresh Off the Boat and The Odd Couple. Of course.

Anyway, the main trend here is that I’m super into comedies now because I crave joy in my life. I like happy shows that make me happy! With bright lighting and color and characters who are actively seeking out happiness! Also, they’re short. 22 minutes is the perfect length for me since I don’t have time to watch any of these shows anyway.

Anybody else watching any of these shows? Have any other fun shows to share?

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  1. Jennifer @ A Librarian's Library

    I watch Mindy, and Jane, and Masterchef from this list. Plus I watch about A BILLION MORE (or so it feels sometimes). But I have been purging my DVR of shows that just may not interest me anymore, which has helped. It’s nice to sometimes batch delete!

    But seriously….LOVE JANE! 🙂


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